As on any MUCK, Watership Down MUCK has set rules for all, players, Wizzes, and Staff to follow. They are expected to be followed out of respect for the MUCK and its inhabitants. After all, we're all here to have fun!

Basic Rules:

1. The Chief's word is law.

2. No one has the right to cause any player's time on this MUCK to be unpleasant. If another player thinks your actions are out of line, be mature and remember that anything in writing comes out harsh!

The following acts are considered unreasonable:

  • Racial/ethnic/religious/gender/lifestyle slurs
  • OOC attacks on players
  • Interfering with RP after having been warned
  • Continued harassment after being asked to stop

3. Lying is intolerable.

4. The rating of this MUCK is "PG." Actions and language should comply with this rating.

5. When suspended or banned it's forbidden to reconnect even as a guest.


1. The Chief's word is law.

Since any WIZbitted player object inherits rights to all objects on the MUCK (including players), decisions made by a WIZ are law. The Chief may overturn any of these decision at its discretion, since One grants and owns all WIZbitted player objects. If One is not available, Wizards are to act in their best judgement, and their decisions are final.

2. Players are to be treated courteously at all times.

As it is inexcusable for players to abuse other players, any WIZ in violation of this policy is to be terminated as a WIZ and fall under the same sanctions as any mortal (see 'news rules'). Wizards imposing sanctions must maintain acceptable levels of professionalism.

3. WIZ-abuse is intolerable.

WIZ-abuse is defined as using any power or facility granted a WIZ or staffer to affect any given player without the consent of the affected player for any other reason than to enforce to policies of this MUCK. **NOTE** This includes compromising the confidence of player information! Email or IP addresses, alts, RL and other such info is *not* to be given out without player consent.

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