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Frequently Asked Questions

(Not really, just some questions that might be asked)

Norflay created his own FAQ for Watership Down MUCK, it can be found here.

1. What is a MUCK? A MUCK (Multi-User Character Kingdom) is a text-based role-playing game centering around a given theme, in this case, Watership Down.
2. What is Watership Down? Watership Down is a book written by Richard Adams. Story centered around a group of rabbits setting out to find a new home. A very good read.
3. When does the MUCK take place? The time period of the MUCK takes place after the disappearance of Woundwort, but before the death of Hazel-Rah.
4. How much does joining the MUCK cost? Nothing.
5. I've heard of MUDs, are MUCKs the same? No. MUDs are based around combat systems and progression, much like a console video game. MUCKs center solely around role-playing, and include no artificial intelligence.
6. I've heard of MUCKs sometimes having mature material on them, does this one? No, Watership Down carries a PG rating and this is enforced by the Wizards and Staffers.
7. How do I get a character? Connect to the MUCK as a guest (instructions are on the screen when you login to the MUCK). Make sure you have read and understand the MUCKs policies. Once this is done, you can type '@request' and follow the instructions. Your character request will then be approved and you will be contacted via e-mail.
8. I'm connected to the MUCK, but I can't figure out how to use it... Online help file coming soon.

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